​​St. Vincent de Paul, OLA Conference

Thank You Letter to OLA Parishioners

March 22, 2022

Dear Our Lady of Angels (OLA) Parishioners,

The OLA St. Vincent de Paul Conference appreciates your continuing support to our mission to address the needs of those less fortunate who reside within our Parish Boundaries. To provide you an overview of that effort for FY2021 Year (10/1/20 to 9/30/21), we are reporting to you that we received from you during this period a total of $73,541.24 in monetary donations, and expended a total of $81,095.44 in funds in that same time period. Of these expenditures, $74,528.27 went directly toward providing for those in need, through the purchase of food to supplement the 73,375 pounds that you generously donated, as well as for direct payments of the utility and other expenses (car repairs, temporary lodging, funeral expenses, transportation, etc.) for the poor in our area.  

Through our Food Pantry operations we served 926 families, consisting of 4,669 family members.  In terms of direct financial assistance, we provided support to 235 families, consisting of 883 family members. 

In addition, we expended $6,057.17 for Conference expenses, such as utility payments for the Conference building, supplies (primarily for the Food Pantry), and building repairs and maintenance. Additional operating costs included such items as personal injury insurance and website maintenance, through which website our potential Clients contact us for assistance.  Your generosity makes all these efforts possible, and again we thank you for you continuing support.  

Respectfully, Members of the OLA SVdP Conference

Seeking Financial Assistance – Help Support Your Local Community

The OLA St. Vincent de Paul Conference is experiencing a significant decrease in needed monetary donations.  Since the beginning of October 2021 other than food assistance, the Conference has provided financial assistance to 194 families of whom 7% have been Parish members and the rest families in need within our Parish boundaries. Most recently this request for financial assistance has increased by approximately 50% beginning in March 2022, while at the same time the financial donations we receive have decreased by about 40%. This decrease in donations impacts our ability to assist local families who need help in meeting their basic needs.  The Conference is having to turn families away that need help with their utilities, transportation, auto repair, medical and funeral expenses.  We are reaching out to our Parishioners for assistance during such a challenging time. 

Donations can be made as follows:

  • Online via PayPal (visit https://www.olasvdp.org/donate.html)

  • Checks dropped in the mass collection baskets or mailed to St. Vincent de Paul, OLA Conference, 13752 Mary’s Way, Woodbridge, VA 22191

  • Cash donations placed in the St. Vincent de Paul Poor Box located on the left side of the Narthex as you leave the church

  If you are interested in supporting OLA St. Vincent de Paul on a regular basis,
  PayPal allows you to set up a recurring contribution of $10, $20, etc. per month.


Please help us support our local families in need.  May God bless you and your families through the love you show in your charity toward others.

                                                                        Members, of the OLA St. Vincent

                                                                        de Paul Conference